Welcome to Mr Enforcer Engineering, we are located at Chipping Norton in Sydney. Mr Enforcer Engineering started out in 1988 by myself Matt Lisle, due to the ever increasing demand of favours / jobs for friends and acquaintances, and for those whom I had been recommended to see for quality work.
There is only so much work you can do at home after hours, before the neighbours start to complain about the noise.
My involvement in motorsport began at the age of 10 racing go-karts. I competed for 8 years with much success, winning several titles. At the age of 16 I had my first race car and have been racing cars ever since. I took a short break off from racing to work for several race teams, where I was able to put my knowledge to use on high level cars and also learn a lot more about the psychics of a race car. Mr Enforcer Engineering has allowed me to contribute something back into motorsport and cars, which is a major part of my life.
I had been involved in the engineering trade for the previous 7 years, completing my fitter / machinist trade then going on to do the following certificates at TAFE.
  Tool-making    pneumatics    hydraulics    welding    advanced welding    automotive mechanics
Engineering is a trade which I enjoyed very much and it has lead me to the position I am in now - modifying and engineering cars for the road and track, all within my own company.
The range of services that Mr Enforcer Engineering can offer is broad:
 •  Chassis Fabrication    Mechanical modifications    Turbo Charging    total custom alloy components 
 complete alloy engine bays inshow cars    Steel or Chromoly Roll Cages  Wheel Tubs for Drag Cars 
  4 Link & Ladder Bar Rear Suspension
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